Blackhistory Meme: Malcom X Met Pio Gama Pinto Upon Visiting Kenya in 1959 They Formed an Alliance Based Upon the Suffering of Black Americans & Africans They Planned to Take the Plight of Black Americans to the United Nations So the US Could Be Charged With Human Rights Violations Malcom X Was Murdered February 21 1965 in New York Then a Few Days Later on February 25 1965 Pio Gama Was Murdered in Kenya None DARE Call It a CONSPIRACY!! Consciouscommunity Knowledge Time Blackkingsandqueens Teach Worldwide Consciousness Confidence Grow Growingupblack Learnlife Loveyourself Blacklivesmatter Blackpeople Buildanation Melanin Blackempire Teachyourself Blacklove Blackpower Teachchildrenwell Raisingkingsandqueens History Blackhistory Roots Afro Queen King |


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